Are you looking for the ultimate solution to watch TV (TV series, Sport, Football) on your PC, Smartphone, Smart TV? Mobdro is the solution that meets your needs.

The technological advancement in mobile technology fuelled by the competition between the developers of smartphones and their operating systems led to the smartphone becoming an integral part of people’s lives. Today the mobile device is used for everyday communication, work, entertainment, relaxation, and much more made possible with the creation of different applications. These applications are designed to be used on the different operating systems like Android or iOS and are freely available on the internet for downloading. Online video streaming became an integral part of the modern lifestyle with users being able to stream their preferred entertainment at any time wherever they are onto their mobile devices. This led to the creation of the application which performs as an online video streaming tool. The software can be downloaded onto multiple platforms to ensure that users can enjoy their favourite entertainment. Let’s look at download Mobdro in more detail and how you can get it.


The mobdro apk was developed as an application for mobile devices to be used on the Android operating system to stream video content online. The acronym APK stands for Android Package which refers to the file format package used by the Android system when distributing and installing apps for mobile, the extension .apk is added to the app filename identifying it as an Android operating system app. The app can be downloaded for free from the internet and offers numerous features to ensure that users can enjoy their favourite channels featuring sports, movies, series, music, and much more while they are on the go. It developed and various updates were made available to ensure that the app can also be used on other platforms like smart tv’s, desktops and various video streaming media players. The streaming of sport in particular football is very popular and millions of people worldwide use live streaming to keep abreast of their favourite sport.

The Software


What it is, Need for the App, How to Install it

The software for the application was developed as a native android application and is freeware or freemium like many other apps. For downloading onto your mobile device the app requires that Android version 5.1 or higher in use, the file size is 18.1MB and the filename is Mobdro App and the software must be downloaded directly from the Mobdro official website, as it is not currently available from the Google Play store. The software can also be downloaded onto other operating systems with the use of emulators which will be discussed separately. There are two versions available the Standard version which is free and includes the standard features and the Premium version which carries a subscription cost with more advanced features and no adverts during the video streaming. There is also a download guide available.
The following steps must be followed to download mobdro software onto your android device:
Ensure that you are on the official website where the APK file is available free of charge. You will need a reasonably fast internet speed, the android version must be compatible, and sufficient storage space as the file must be saved before you start downloading the apk file.
First, the android device settings must be configured where after the “Application Settings” must be selected.
Activate it by selecting “Unknown Sources” which will enable the user to directly install the APK files.
Start the download of the APK file onto your android device, once completed select “Install”, some permissions will be requested which must be provided.
Allow the installation process to be completed where after you will receive confirmation that the app was successfully downloaded.
The app can now be accessed on your android device and your entertainment streaming can begin.

When you want to download the app on other platforms you must make use of emulators to download the app onto the Windows PC devices. An emulator refers to software which allows an android operating system to run on your desktop or laptop. Two of the most popular emulators currently used is Blue Stacks and Nox App Player. The emulator must be first be downloaded onto your PC device before downloading the APK file. After downloading the APK file, right-click on it and select “Open with Blue Stacks” The file will now be installed on the PC using Blue Stacks and after installation, the icon “Download Mobdro for Windows” will be available. There is also a procedure available to install the application with Nox App Player onto your PC device.

Features of the Software

The application is available in two different versions the Standard and the Premium which offer more than just the basic features. The advanced features offered include add-free videos, directly selecting the channel you want to stream from, videos can be downloaded to watch offline, no need for different apps. The resolution can also be chosen in which to download or stream the videos.
The different categories that users can use to find videos they are interested in including the following:

  • Sports
  • Shows
  • News
  • Gaming
  • Tech
  • Animals
  • Podcast Music
  • Others

Features of the software

Easy navigation
The app offers quick and easy navigation when in use, users can search the different categories or the genre to find what they want to see.
Variety of channels
The content can be found listed under channels from across the world, with content and popular channels listed under their respective categories of interest.
Latest content
The app content is updated when the user accesses the servers using the web connection which enables the enjoyment of the latest programs, shows, sports, cartoons, news and other content.
Downloading of content enables viewers to enjoy their streaming without being connected. They can keep the content they like or would like to view later.
Availability of Chromecast support
The compatibility of the app with Chromecast enable viewing in HD on the TV screen from the smartphone.
Outstanding audio and visual quality
The app’s resolution range can be set to ensure the best quality sound and visual display.
This feature allows users to access all their favourites from one place, allowing them to be organized according to topic or language.
The app can provide users with notifications of games and shows to ensure that they don’t miss it live or in the recorded version.
Sharing of content
It only takes one click to share videos with friends.
Sleep timer
The app will ensure that your device will be turned off at the set time if you fall asleep.

Devices the App Can be Used On

Download mobdro on the following devices to ensure video streaming of the highest quality to ensure that your entertainment can be available constantly:
Android devices
On both desktop and laptop PC versions.
Amazon Fire Stick
Smart TV

Download mobdro to ensure the enjoyment of a variety of excellent content utilising different apps for various devices on the level of smartphones. If you enjoy great entertainment and love using streaming apps or different websites the app will provide in your needs. Initially, live streaming was designed to be used only on android operating systems but emulators paved the way for its use on various devices.